The Truth About the SHRINERS!

This post is going to take a while to construct so be patient. I need to get this information out in increments because I have been interviewing a former Shriner who I will refer to as “Ed” (not his real name). Well, old Ed had a revelation and ran away from the Shriners.

He is now a deacon in a snake-handling congregation in West Virginia. He has terminal cancer of the taint and wants to “cleanse his soul” before meeting his maker.

There’s nothing quite like strychnine and snake venom to help one focus on the real priorities of life.

Part and parcel of this process has been to reveal the insidious nature of the organization which he was a member of for thirty-five years. According to Ed, the Shriners have been around, in one form or the other, since Biblical times.

Wherever there is discord, wars, assassinations, riots, looting, genocide, and little kids needing a helping hand, the Shriners have been an influential guiding force as events unfold.

Add to that the sacraments of their cult…clown makeup, funny shoes, Model-T’s and go-carts, barbecue fund-raisers…and you have an organization which appears, on the surface, to be respectable, compassionate, and highly involved in their communities.

My friend Ed, however, paints a quite different picture. He acknowledges the good works of the Shriners but insists that this activity is a deceptive cover for sinister activities in shaping our views of the world, especially in the construction of a false historical narrative.

A narrative that is used to brainwash and control the profane mob.

All the while, he said, the true history of the world is a text that is available only to the select few.

Ed didn’t offer any photographic evidence of his charges so I had to construct representative images from my interviews…and a frightening narrative it is…


moses & pharoah

Marin Shakepeare Julius Caesar

Farticus Kirk

Aunt Jemima Plague Shriners


Lincoln Assassination

                                               Click to Enlarge!Shriners & Custer

Working secretly from the inside, Shriners were able to infiltrate and discredit the Nazis…

The Clownshirts


xZapruder clowns

booth liberace gag

grassy knoll clown 2 copy

Lyndonjohnson5c copy copy copy



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