Top 10 Fun Activities for Nazis on Acid

10) Fire off an email to Mannheim Steamroller requesting that they do covers of  “Deutschland Uber Alles” and “The Horst Wessel Song”.

9)   Ruminate with pals on how much funnier the Marx Brothers could have been under the direction of Leni Riefenstahl.

8)   Call in a delivery order to the Munich Pizza Hut. Demand that it be delivered by a blond-haired, blue-eyed young chap wearing leiderhosen.

7)   Fire off an angry letter to International Olympic Committee demanding to know why dog fighting is not an Olympic sport.

6)   Double check the trip wire on the improvised explosive device connected to the outhouse door.

5)   Take pictures of yourself checking into a cheap motel in a chicken costume. Photoshop Obama’s head onto the pic and forward to your favorite websites.

4)   Get into a vehement debate on the true meaning of patriotism with a Ronald McDonald statue. Hit it with a baseball bat when it won’t stop smiling.

3)   Turn on Rush’s radio show and get really bummed out when you realize that he is a lard-ass commie.


2)   Check all of the guns to make sure they are loaded, safety-off, and easily accessible to any three-year-old.

1)   Break out in paroxysms of hysterical laughter after blowing off both thumbs while constructing a pipe bomb.



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