Prince Charles Places Winning Bid on Queen Victoria’s Underpants

Lyon and Turnbull Auctioneers reported today that they auctioned off some of Queen Victoria’s Bloomers for the astounding sum of $15,000. In what appears to be another major gaffe for the royal family, Prince Charles himself won the auction in quick but intense bidding by telephone. Apparently, Charles was under the mistaken impression that he was bidding on a rare piece from the Victoria’s Secret collection…not his great-great-great granny Victoria’s 4-X bloomers.

When the Prince discovered his mistake he was miffed at first but took it in good stride and with a stiff upper lip. He even posed for photographers with his prize and got in on the gag with a good-natured comment: “It’s not every day that you get your picture taken while holding your own great-great-great grannie’s underpants. Looks rather like a tent half…harumph, harumph, here, here.”

The reporters present joined in the laughter but kept it subdued as there were some rather ominous looking ceremonial guards present who were sporting some extra-pointy lances. The Prince shot back at critics who derided such a bizarre expenditure from the Queen’s purse by pointing out that he was essentially writing the check to himself…nothing lost, nothing gained.


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