George W. Bush/Raquel Welch Parallel Dimension Scrapbook

Science fiction writers and physicists have long theorized about the existence of parallel dimensions…mirrors of our own world.  Some would be nearly identical…others may be contorted versions of what we accept as factual reality. You could be a worthless, no-count dipstick to your family and neighbors here but, on another world, you could be riding around in a Ferrari convertible in Beverly Hills with a buxom young starlet at your side.

Imagine a world where Donald Trump is living on skid row in New York City. I can picture him lying face down in his own regurgitation with a pocketful of cigar butts and broken shards of glass protruding from the seat of his tattered pants. That would be a definite improvement on the mark that he has made in our own world.

Also, we must consider the possibility that a few of these alternate dimensions may be complete bastardizations of our own world. Are there parallel existences where the laws of physics, as we understand them, are totally inapplicable? Are there places where our other selves exist in an M.C. Escher world full of people negotiating upside down staircases and Mobius strip sidewalks?

I also imagine another world. A world where there is no George W. Bush. A world where there is no Raquel Welch. Yet, it is a world where they both exist as one. Meet Raquel Bush. This is what I imagine her world would look like…

                                    Click to Enlarge!4 pic Raquel Final

Big Head Elvis update

Raquel Head gear 3 copy copy

Raquel Bush

Myra Bush


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