All Hail the Mighty LP Record!

Note: This article is something of a follow-up to an earlier article title “The Cry of Narcissus”. In that piece I told the tale of how my now defunct music store went into a crash and burn scenario. Although this little retail business initially sold new musical instruments, it gravitated towards used instruments and used LP record. Hey, it was the 1980s and LP records were being replaced by CDs. Droves of people were unloading their bulky LPs in favor of the smaller digital medium. I probably acquired around a half million records during that time.

Amongst those piles of unwanted wax there were some highly unusual items. My walls were plastered with these records. Here are but a few of the more notable ones. Some are interesting for the covers. Others for content. Some for both…

Meet Ruth Olay…Easy Living. A customer looked at this and suggested an alternate title…Ruth Oliv..Easy Laying.

The name of the band doing the covers is interesting…”Stoned Hair”


One Happy Dude!

The guy in the beanie looks like he’s about to strain a nut…The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band consisted of some really awesome players who made this spoof of a a German brass band. It is a hilarious and very well recorded take on this type of music as witnessed by the fact that it is an RCA Living Stereo product.

This album took a long time to finish because of Jim’s frequent all-male hot tub breaks…

Very special attention should be granted to Buddy Max, one of my favorite off-the-wall artists. He was known as the Singing, Roller Skating Cowboy. I used to stroll around my store playing my accordion while listening to this gem. I tried to do it once on roller skates but it didn’t work very good on shag carpet.

Gomer Pyle, USMC was popular during the height of the Vietnam War. I often wonder why his unit wasn’t deployed there. In this picture Gomer looks like he is gargling something…

Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" was always a big hit with the little kids who came into my store!

This LP by Chuck Wagon and the Wheels deserves special attention not just for the cover art but for the pictures on the back as well…

In addition to being a fine country bassist, Scott was a big hit with the gals!

Chuck was a multi-talented country musician and a master of the kazoo!


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