Local Personal Injury Attorney Faces Bar Scrutiny

Jet Pack Lawyer twoNoted personal injury attorney, Billy Blue, who pioneered the usage of jetpacks to offer legal representation to Carolina Lowcountry car crash victims, was the object of scrutiny by the state bar association after he was photographed while hovering over a massive 32 vehicle pileup on Interstate 26. The picture, taken from a news helicopter, allegedly shows Blue with what appears to be a boner beneath his flight suit.

Because Mr. Blue’s law firm is such a heavy advertiser in the local television, radio, and print media market, the incident was quietly suppressed due to financial considerations. This reporter obtained a copy of the verboten photo from the helicopter co-pilot/photographer, Harry Butz who witnessed the event first hand. Mr. Butz sent multiple copies of the disturbing photo to news outlets throughout the area despite a warning from his employer. He was fired for doing his civic duty.

“It was really disgusting,” Harry blurted. “I have covered police chases, forest fires, hostage standoffs, and many other newsworthy events but this takes the cake. I understand Mr. Blue’s excitement at being first on the scene of what could be a tremendous windfall for his law firm, but to be seen hovering around this tragic accident with a woody is totally unacceptable.”

I contacted the Blue law firm to get their side of the controversy and spoke to a representative who told me that Mr. Blue was unavailable for comment because he was in the bathroom cataloging his magazine collection. She claimed that the charges were false. “I have seen Billy naked,” she insisted. “I can tell you that he is nowhere near the size that the picture would indicate! This was clearly a malfunction in his flight suit!”


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