Supernatural Manifestation in WCSC Honey Boo Boo Segment?

Okay, I know this is going to sound crazy as hell but I swear on my grandmother’s eyeballs that this is for real. Yesterday I was grabbing some random screen shots on my Mac from Bill Walsh’s Honey Boo Boo segment for the spoof article which I published prior to this one. One of the shots was really blurry and messed up so I just put it aside and did not plan on using it in the original article. I went back to review all of the screen shots to figure out which ones to save and which ones to toss. I almost threw this one in the trash but something caught my eye so I stopped to get a closer look. The picture is blurry because it was captured during a transition to another shot.  It is somewhere between 1:12 and 1:13 of the broadcast segment.

Here is a link to the WCSC website page that features the Honey Boo Boo segment.

I went back this evening and could not isolate the exact frame so I am assuming that the first capture that I got was a lucky one. If my equipment was more sophisticated I don’t think it would be a problem. I did save the original full-screen shot, however, to prove to doubters that it is not one of my bizarro Photoshops.

Here is as much of the original screen shot that I can upload in this format so that the figure in the upper right-hand corner can be viewed with any clarity…

Here is the picture, cropped and zoomed in, to get a closer look at the strange apparition…

Here is an even closer view…

I hope it wasn’t something hovering over my shoulder that was reflected on my screen as I took the shot. I can see no other reflections in the over 30 screen shots that I took of the Honey Boo Boo segment.

Once again, this is not a hoax.

I am mystified…

Awaiting input and explanations…


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