Eunuchs ‘R’ Us

I am constructing a series of romance novels which will utilize feature characters who fall out of the norm for such books. Instead of extremely attractive males with strong jaws, thick flowing hair, and sculptured physiques, I will be using tubby old pimple-faced farts. No gorgeous women here. Just ugly women and transvestite types passing as females. Add to that the occasional malignant psychopath and known crooks and charlatans and…Voila!…we have a whole new path for romance novels!

Publishers take note. This is definitely a niche market that might be worth exploring.

I will be using my pen name, Egbert Dookey, to avoid further besmirching my less-than-stellar reputation. I had originally intended that this series would feature my part-time nemesis over at Palmetto Goodwill. I thought about it, however, and decided that he is not worth the effort.

Anyway, the following represents some ideas for such an endeavor…

Note for the easily offended: The boobs in the photoshop below are fake. They come from a gag site I found on the net.

Nothing impresses God more than a good, old-fashioned snake service…

I’ve never seen a Zombie Romance Novel…

Let’s not forget old Rush. Never miss an opportunity to take a jab at that pompous, silly turd. I posted this one on Fitznews and was informed that Peyote is not a mushroom. I stand corrected and promise to fix it….but I’m way too tired to mess with it and there’s an angry cat walking across my keyboard demanding my undivided attention.


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