Photoshop Fun With Will Folks (Fitsnews)

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Will Folks SC State Capitol

A few months ago Will Folks, the driving force behind Fitsnews, decided to enable his readers to upload pics and videos in the comments section. After a very short period of time he yanked this new feature. Then he went round-and-round trying to justify the decision. At one point he even put the onus on his new website technical guy, Karl Steinborn.

turd bowl start 2Karl emailed me about problems with readers uploading porn. Could be…but I spent a lot of time there and didn’t see anything that I would regard as porn. Occasionally someone would upload a bikini shot or two, but Will himself is renown for uploading pics of scantily clad ladies in his articles.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander? Not on Fitsnews… I don’t know a whole bunch about website maintenance and upgrades but, it would seem to me that there must be a way to get site approval before a pic or video appears in the comments.

Dirty Toilet Will Folks

After reading Will’s take on Libertarianism, I am convinced that he makes decisions in the “I’m Late for a Very Important Date, Pants on Fire Mode”-A mode which requires very little in the way of study and reflection. He should familiarize himself with the European model of Libertarianism. I won’t get into that here, but for those who are interested, google YouTube/Noam Chomsky/Libertarianism.

If, after so long online, the site administrator was given the go ahead to enable pics and videos, it would seem as if they would have thought about the possible consequences and situations which may arise. Namely…some drunken lout was eventually going to try and post a picture of his wiener.

But, that was just a ruse… There’s another reason that this decision was made. Will knows. I know.

will folks jesterI have been viewing his site for a long time and think that it’s high time for a little fun at Will Folks’ expense. He is ripe for a large dose of the medicine he has been dishing out to South Carolinians for years. Will spends a lot of time telling people how fat and ugly they are.

There must not be any mirrors in his household.

To this end, I hereby proclaim that Will Folks is my part-time nemesis. I say part-time because he is not worthy of too much effort.

My photoshops won’t be just limited to poking fun at Will. If I see a picture on one of his articles that is worth lampooning it will appear here as well.

Over time there will be lots of photoshops and commentary added to this blog post. Check back for updates. I hope Will doesn’t get too mad.


Will Folks Woos Crowd

Will Folks Fitsnews

Will Folks Jeopardy

Rich and Will 4

Who knows what Will Folk’s connection to Howard Rich is? He has posted numerous articles by Mr. Rich on his site. From what I have read he is a well-to-do individual who is not only a piss-poor writer but a weak thinker as well.

Howard Rich Will Folks
A few months ago Will reprinted Howard’s column on the historical best seller ‘Mayflower’ by Nathaniel Philbrick. Judging by the inane partisan spin that Mr. Rich took on the subject, it was quite obvious that he had not read the book. Maybe he just skimmed through it or looked at the index for keywords. I am equally certain that Will didn’t run to the nearest library and check out a copy. It is a really good read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the history of early European settlement in North America.

Will and Howie, sittin' in a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Will and Howie, sittin’ in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Some of the commenters at Fitsnews have implied that Fitsnews is funded by Mr. Rich. There appears to be very little in the way of paid advertising going on…certainly not enough to support a staff and pay for the extensive technical upgrades and maintenance required to keep his website running.

Will is constantly demanding transparency and accountability from government. To that end, he files a lot of FOIA requests. It seems like he ought to live what he preaches and demands from others…i.e…he needs set an example. Who is funding you, Will?  Who do you answer to?

Nikki Haley Will Folks

Will Nikki Toilet

xWill Folks Alter Ego 3

Will Folks Fitsnews

Will Folks Corn Dog Nude 4

Will Folks as Don Quixote

Will’s singular obsession with boobs is well known and paves the way for all sorts of spoofery. Is “spoofery” a word? If not, it should be…

Will Folks Titties
Here is a png of the book award icon above for those who want to use it indiscriminately in their own photoshop efforts. Please note that I do have some self-imposed limits. I did not include images of either a poppy or a cock. Will Best Cover 3 copy


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