Will Folks: The Blogger Who Cried “WOLF!”

Sic Willie Cry WolfFor years Will Folks, the founder and editor of Fitsnews, has been alerting his readers that, any minute now, the Feds, SLED, or some Alien Entity is going to sweep down on South Carolina to arrest corrupt officials and/or their crony supporters and cart them off to the pokey…(sound of crickets).

Will is at the forefront of those demanding government accountability, yet he steadfastly refuses to inform his readers as to the source of his own funding. On the one hand, he spews out FOIA requests like confetti, on the other hand, he is very guarded about who pulls his strings. Is he a mouthpiece for Howard Rich? The Koch Brothers? Scooby-Doo? Satan?

I can only surmise that Will sees me as a serious threat to his bullshit scheme. I say this because he attacked me in this article:


                                  Click to Enlarge!

Yes! Yes! Show us you Tits, Fits!


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