Ted Cruz: Jive Talking with Eddie Munster on Gilligan’s Island

Subtitle: Photoshop Fun With Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz Jive Talking

Teddy Munster

Ginger Rules

Cruz with Snake

Ted "Mind Melding" with Mr. Spock
 “Mind Melding” with Mr. Spock

Mr. Ted 3

Ted Cruz

nightmare 20,000 Cruz

Talk-to-the-Hand 3

If they ever decide to do an updated version of “Hogan’s Heroes” Rush would be perfect for the role of Sgt. Schultz. Ted Cruz Rush Limbaugh

With apologies to Mel Brooks, genius creator of  “Blazing Saddles”...Please note that the dialogue in the photoshop is exactly as presented in the movie. 

Ted Cruz Western Hero

Boss Ted


Better Teddy
Better Teddy

Cornfield Cruz


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