Ruben Santiago, Columbia SC P.D. Head: Photoshop Fun With Enemy of First Amendment

ruben santiago stooge cop

I won’t go into details about how this imbecile cop threatened a Facebook user over his comments about crime fighting and marijuana legalization. That story is all over the net. I first found out about it on Fitsnews.

Even more alarming is the fact that Brandon Whitmer, who was exercising his first amendment rights, has closed down his Facebook account as a result of (temporary) Police Chief Ruben Santiago’s lawless, schoolyard bully behavior. Hopefully, Mr. Santiago will find more suitable employment elsewhere. I hear that malls are always hiring security guards. Gosh darn it, somebody needs to run around making kids pull up their pants and tie their shoe laces.

I can’t really add anything to the discussion per se. I can, however, offer the above photoshop as my first take on the fiasco. There may be more to come. I have no way of knowing. My only hope is that, if this guy pops up in the media spotlight again, it will be from some small town in Missouri. What a shit hole that place is! From 1984 on I have been urging a national referendum to kick Missouri out of the Union and replace it’s star on our flag with Puerto Rico. That would be a big improvement!

I started a YouTube anti-Missouri campaign several years ago. The link below is not the first HATE-MO video I posted…but it is my favorite. I just uploaded it on 11-25-13. It is from a musical I wrote called “Hell, Yeah! Screw Missouri!.” I hope you like Polkas! I sing vocals, play the banjo and guitar. I also played the Spoons, the Jew’s Harp and the Kazoo parts. Second part vocals performed by Frank Carlier and John McKelvey. Stevie Kent on drums. Frank Carlier, guitar and bass parts.

I have several other anti-Missouri videos on Youtube. The one below only has 2,300+ views but it has 95 comments. You should take time and read the postings by some guy named Michael Cross. Sheer poetry! His literary style is a cross between e.e. cummings and Quantrill:

“u make south carolina look weak u shall be overrun by our enemies u r weak sobriety is for merchants not landowners and warriors u fat fuck u need us to defend ur land u r nothing yes we dont bathe and yes we eat our young if they can not come up to the scratch their is no room for weakness in these trying times i greive that kning charles land is left to pussies like u you have to live like a barbarian to defend the weak i do like ur music though it pisses me off and puts me in fighting trim”

At the end of this video you will see an ad I made to buy my music/comedy upload titled “Blow up the Dog House.” I need to mention that if you buy it you too may discover yourself enjoying it but getting pissed off and breaking into “fighting trim.”  I also need to add that I won’t see a fuzzy nickel of the money you spend. I uploaded my album years ago to one site and, next thing you know, it’s available everywhere a con artist can make a buck without paying royalties.


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