Outsourcing: A Solution to Charleston Rickshaw Problem

Charleston Police conduct sting operation against local rickshaw operators:


I say that it’s high time we implement a workable solution to the horrible problem of Charleston rickshaw operators who overstep their bounds by discussing history and pointing out buildings of interest to tourists. Now is the time to get rid of these pesky pedal peddlers and outsource their jobs to the Chinese. What the heck…this has worked really well for so many other American industries. Why not the domestic rickshaw industry?

Think about it! There are thousands of little orphan Chinese kids stumbling around their home country with nothing to do but set fires in trash barrels to keep warm. Why not bring ’em over here? Apply for exemption from child labor and minimum wage laws. Pay them 22 cents an hour.* The licensed tour operators will have nothing to complain about because the silly little farts can point at all the buildings they want to and jabber nonstop…nobody will understand a word. Problem solved.

Just sayin’Charleston Rickshaw

*22 cents per hour? Is that possible in the good old USA? Goodwill Industries has been paying that to disabled employees for years. Read about it on my other blog dedicated exclusively to this damn crooked scam being passed off as a charitable non-profit:



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