Sharing the Vision With Mayor Minnie and the Peanut Gallery

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Minnie and Peanut Gallery

“with liberty and justice for all.”

I have been going to Hanahan City Council meetings for a little over a year now and, quite frankly, there’s a lot of funny stuff going on there. It’s a kid friendly event and the first half hour or so reminds me of a Romper Room episode. Sometimes this public relations photo-op lasts longer…a lot longer.

I wish I had a dollar for every head that has been patted, every cheek that has been pinched, all the PR photos that have been staged, and every award sheet that has been gleefully handed out.

Don’t get me wrong. I love kids and always have. I am not the crotchety old coot who tells little ones to get off his lawn and, subsequently, has to deal with a doorbell ring, a rush to the front door, and frantic efforts to stomp out a flaming sack of dog poop.

I could understand going through this ritual 7 ball field Dthree or four times a year, but not every single second Tuesday of every single month.

City officials would probably counter that this is a great idea because it teaches our little ones about how our government works.


If Hanahan city council really wanted to teach our youngsters about “how government REALLY works” maybe they should invite the little tykes to their luncheons and meetings with the movers, shakers, and money men. Let ’em listen in on the congenial chit-chat. That would provide a lasting lesson in civics and would spawn either a bunch of self-serving sociopaths or a a few die-hard revolutionaries…

In the year or so since I started going to council meetings, the rich folks on the side of the river (where our elected officials live) got a beautiful new amphitheater with a paved nature trail. They are building a concession stand as I write this article.

And, of course, let’s not forget the new library!

Add these public spaces to the plethora of long-existing recreational installations along Railroad Avenue in Old Hanahan:

-seven lighted baseball fields,

-a soccer field,

-a paved boat landing,

-a senior citizen center,

-a covered picnic area,

-and a batting cage.

What have residents of Tanner Plantation received? Well (and I am excited about this), the city announced plans to build a new vehicle maintenance shed behind the fire station on Williams Lane. That’s where they are going to park the brand new garbage truck they recently purchased!

You can just about bet y’er bottom dollar that the only time that Tanner residents are going to see that sparkling new garbage truck running around their neighborhood is when it’s coming and going to serve the Crusty Uppers on the good side of town. I wonder if they forked over the dough to get a nice set of chrome wheels? Now that would make an impression…

We gets the old white garbage truck.

I could be wrong about the garbage truck issue but it doesn’t really matter. Maybe I’ll start a petition drive.

williams garbage

I hope our kid-loving elected officials will organize field trips to the new facility for Tanner kids. Let them discover the wonders of grease and hear the ear-splitting sound of pneumatic hammers changing truck tires. I wonder if the guys who work there are as happy and peppy as the Gerald’s Tire employees are in their TV commercials?

The current vehicle maintenance shed is on a creek in a neighborhood across from Hanahan High School. It is  a beautiful spot surrounded by very expensive homes and condos. I’m sure the folks who live in that neighborhood will be happy to see an end to heavy garbage trucks and other city owned vehicles bouncing around their neighborhood. I am equally certain that the less prosperous residents near the new location off Williams Lane in Tanner Plantation will eventually get used to the traffic, the noise, and the smell.

I spoke to one of the city employees at the old location when I drove over there for a look see last week. He said that the staff was going to miss the old location because the fishing was good. He seemed like a really nice fellow.

I think that Hanahan should consider installing a bleacher right outside the fence surrounding the maintenance shed so that bored Tanner residents can watch the city vehicles coming and going. They could call it a recreation area. That’s not so weird. You have heard of train spotting…why not garbage truck spotting?

banana-peel-express 2

I am beginning to suspect that the elected officials in Hanahan look down on Tanner Plantation residents as a bunch of rube newcomers. Do our elected officials view us as pathetic red-haired stepchildren? Based on the evidence of their deeds… not their words…it would appear that such is the case.

tanner red head sign 6

In all fairness, however, the city is going to build sidewalks along the major roads in Tanner. I believe that they are doing this in anticipation of a new school on Williams Lane. If I had my way I would have extended the sidewalk further down Williams Lane to include what is supposed to be a 21 acre nature trail and a 21 acre park on land donated by Westvaco specifically for those purposes.

Not one of Hanahan’s elected officials seems to think it is important to honor Westvaco’s grand and glorious vision for Williams Lane.

And the destruction of vital habitat continues unabated. God only knows how many more acres are going to be flattened before folks wake up and save the surviving remnants of our soon to be lost city.

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bulldozer monkey Hanahan city council

To add insult to injury, the families who buy the soon to be constructed homes in “Timber Crest Village” will have to wake up every morning to a view of a large warehouse. But there’s more to come…another million square feet or so of planned and approved warehouse space will soon be within their field of vision. Maybe City of Hanahan officials can find the funds to paint a 200,000 square foot wildlife mural on the exterior walls of these monstrosities.

Welcome to Hanahan

To Be Continued…Tanner Robin


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