Hanahan: End of the Rainbow

                                      Click to Enlarge!tanner sign large rainbow turd 11

                            In a fairy tale town called Olde Hanahan

                            There ruled a merry little band

                            They waved their wands and cast a spell

                            On the township folks so they could not smell.


                             “That’s gold in the bucket!”

                             Humpty Kevin Cox yelled.

                             And, with this declaration,

                             The crowd it soon swelled.


                             They all gathered ’round.

                             They pushed and they shoved

                             To glimpse at the treasure that

                             All people loved.


                              One wizened old crone, she stepped up to say

                              What the fools in the crowd were thinking that day.

                              “This glorious pile is a wondrous thing!

                              Come! Let us all dance and let us all sing!”


                              A wise man stepped up and he testified

                              That the merry band…well they had simply lied.

                              “This is not gold!” he spewed out his words

                              “It’s a big steaming pile of stinking wet turds.”


                              Off he was driven with sticks and with curses

                              Old hags they were swinging their large rock-filled purses.

                              There’s much more to tell…but why waste my breath

                              On people whose common sense has long left.


                               Years they did pass 

                               Yet none would admit…

                               The merry band and their bucket

                               Was chock full of shit.


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