Hanahan: Cassandra and the Lemmings

According to Greek Mythology, Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, was beautiful beyond description. Apollo lusted after her and, during his attempts at seduction, bestowed upon her an incredible power…the gift of prophecy. She could predict the future.

She resisted Apollo’s advances, however, and he grew angry. Instead of taking her remarkable ability away, he let her keep it but he added a curse: No one would ever believe anything Cassandra said. The most tragic prediction that she made was warning authorities that the Trojan Horse held Greek warriors. She was ridiculed and ignored and the consequences of the curse led to the complete destruction of Troy.

There are several other versions of how she received the power of prophecy. If you really want to read the minutiae, Wikipedia has a great page donated to the Cassandra legend. Alas, this article is not about Greek Mythology. It is yet another diatribe against a secretive, scheming Hanahan city government.

“Call Me Cassie!”

I am Cassandra…metaphorically, of course, as I am a guy. Overweight, balding, poor as a church mouse, and mad as a hatter…take your pick. This dude has been called much worse. I have warned repeatedly in articles past that you folks need to take a real close look at what is really going on in Hanahan. I have been ignored. No surprise there. That is the manifestation of the Cassandra curse in my life.

Once again, the endgame in this not-so-Greek tragedy involving the school site selection is as follows: Build a butt load of new homes in the woods around the new school, cut through Williams Lane to North Rhett, and slap up even more homes.

All of this is bound to increase rush hour gridlock in the Tanner Plantation area to an astounding level. No big deal for city council, however, as they live on the good side of the river and won’t have to fight the congestion.

In an earlier article, I have pointed out that our city council meetings are not videotaped. There is a reason for that. It is hard to prove a pattern of deception if there is no video record of what transpires during these meetings. I am certain that our elected officials are just fine with this.  Information is tightly controlled to present the picture of a community united…giddy residents gathered around a campfire holding hands…singing Kumbaya…taking short breaks to recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Give people less information and you have less conflict…fewer people objecting to your activities. A prime example of this is the way they use the garbage can flyers to restrict information. I accidentally cut off the bottom of the circular in the image below and need to take another picture. It refers to the Bowen Village rezoning meeting.

garbage can 3

I was really pissed off when I read this flyer and drove to city hall to vent. Why didn’t you mention Williams Lane? Why do your flyers never mention Williams Lane? Are you deliberately trying to keep the residents who live in The Commons and South Cove from attending by making them think that their neighborhoods are not going to be affected by this school decision?

I spent the next hour being courted by city administrator Johnny Cribb and Councilman Cox. They ushered me into a conference room, spread maps, made glowing projections and desperately tried to sell me on the Williams Lane school site. I finally escaped their clutches and, as I walked back to my car, there were inexplicable little puffs of smoke venting from my rear end.

If you google the term “engineering of consent” or “manufacturing consent” you will receive a thorough education in this very old psychological technique so ably exercised by Hanahan’s elected officials on a gullible, clueless electorate. Pay particular attention to anything by Edward Bernays or Noam Chomsky

As it turned out the December 3, 21013 council meeting became a heated debate about the various sites.

Well, citizens of Hanahan, you got the government that you so richly deserve.

Mark Twain famously said:

“It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled”

                                             Click to enlarge!

Hanahan city council


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