Will Folks Turns On Thomas Ravenel

will folks midget-pole-dancerWill Folks, the blogger who runs Fitznews, is always slavering for national recognition…in the same sense that a donkey pulling a cart drools over a carrot dangling from a stick. That longing is sufficient to explain why he published posts praising the festering pile of peanut-covered monkey poop known as “Southern Charm.”

Poor Will…first he championed Nancy Mace in her run against Senator Graham and, when that failed, Will hitched his turd star to Thomas Ravenel when T-Rav initiated his own run against Sen. Graham. The whole situation smacked of desperation. http://www.fitsnews.com/2014/04/18/southern-charm-ratings-tick/

Now that T-Rav has lost his election bid and his reality show seems to be floundering, Will is stomping on his former self-proclaimed “friend” with a vengeance. Here are a few photoshops from the time when Will was basking in the T-Rav glow…

Southern Charm

Will Folks Fitsnews

will folks crypto blogger

Will Folks Shows Up Prepped and Ready for 2nd Audition.
^Will Folks Shows Up Prepped and Ready for 2nd Audition^

will folks southern charm

Will’s dreams diminish as he is not called back for the final audition. He simmers. He stews. He realizes that not only has he been pranked, but he had to drink a mug of warm piss as well. Nobody (and I do mean nobody) pulls the wool over Sic Willie’s eyes. 

DNA Will Folks

Will swims safely to shore...plots revenge
Will swims safely to shore…plots revenge


I was going to write a spoof titled “A Day in the Life of Will Folks” but did a google search and found out somebody beat me to the punch. It is a fluff piece by the Columbia Journalism Review.


I decided to pursue another angle…i.e. After-hours with Will Folks…SANFORD SPOKESMAN



Howard Rich and his magical K-Y Jelly
Howard Rich and his magical K-Y Jelly

Even More Crazy Shit!

I will be adding lots of photoshops to this section over the coming weeks…months. Check back.

Will Folks Fitsnews

uncle asshole 3

Primitive Folks
Primitive Folks

libertarian sock puppet will folksThe Douchebag/Folks theme probably deserves it’s own separate post. Will Folks RonpauloompaIntergallactic Libertarian DB 4will folks fits news


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