Shopping in Yemen

This is just the kernel of an idea. I thought I would the post this first Photoshop then spend some time thinking about exactly where I want to go with this concept. Hell! Let’s face it. All the ladies just love to buy stuff! Women from all cultures join in the fury when it’s time to grab the gold coins and a Kalashnikov and stumble amongst the war-strewn rubble to engage in this primal ritual known as…

                                           Shopping!Gag Apparel

They take a little time off to peruse the entertainment options…

Abdul Cork Gun


4 thoughts on “Shopping in Yemen

  1. Hey Greg, Keep on steping on those toes, hope you are wearing steel toe boots. I have a few comments for ya, first and foremost your comments about Mr. Carlier are tame when confronted with the reality of his arrogance. I have met him only once but walked out of his little music emporium on Coleman laughing at him. Another tool in the music biz I met, whom I believe was the source of one of your rants is a flagrant thief who sells fake fender instuments-I bet his initials are JW, Correct?

    1. What ME Rant? I like that! Maybe I will morph a picture of my face over Alfred. E. Neuman. Thanks for the gem of an idea…
      Seems like you pretty much nailed it on the Mt. Pleasant music store scene.

  2. This is David DeBruhl, the appraiser from Berkeley County who stopped to chat with you last summer out of the clear blue. I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, I knew we were kindred spirits as soon as we met. Small world we live in Greg, my wife has an Aunt who married your brother Bill and your niece is her favorite cousin. I have hung out with your brother Bill on several occasions and enjoy his company. Take care and keep up the good work, hope to see you sometime soon.

    1. David,

      What a small world this is indeed. My brother is 13 years older than me. When our mother died in 1957 I was only 8 years old. Bill ( my sister and I call him Roy) took over the chore of taking care of us little ones after she got sick. He is the best brother one could ask for.

      Feel free to contact me anytime. It’s kind of hard for me to get away because I babysit a two-year-old boy 4 days one week, 5 days the next. Long story there…won’t get into that. Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. I keep waiting for a Swat Team to beat down the doors as I have stepped on a lot of toes.

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