Hanahan’s Kevin Hedgpeth: Birth of a Politician



Dear Kevin,

hqdefaultUPDATE 10/18/16:

I read your campaign Facebook page and am impressed. The policy statement is well constructed, eloquent, and grammatically correct. English majors care about stuff like that!

After he lost his run for city council, I told Bill Healy that, if he were to run again, he should use low police/fireman pay as an issue. Apparently he has transmitted this suggestion to you.

Your statement is a bit generic in content, however, but you can overcome that. When you say that we need more transparency in government you do not give us specifics. The most glaring deficiency is the fact that Hanahan’s current administration adamantly refuses to videotape their council meetings. They claim that they cannot afford to hire a new staff person to film meetings. That is total nonsense. There are plenty of private video contractors in the area who would fall all over themselves to bid competitively for a video contract with Hanahan.

As it is, council members can say anything they want with plausible deniability because there is no real record of the actual proceedings.

They rely, instead, on publishing the “minutes” of the meetings. Anybody who has attended council meetings (and possesses a moderately keen sense of observation) can look at these notes on Hanahan’s website and realize that they are edited to remove most of the citizen comments which question the all-knowing authority of city hall. That is far and away the most glaring deficiency in the area of transparency. You should address that specifically.

There is another issue about which I am passionate and hope that you find it in your heart to consider taking it up. I am referring to animal cruelty…specifically, the chaining up of dogs for days, weeks, and months on end. These “pets” lead painful, lonely lives at the hands of cruel, irresponsible masters.14517657_960777310735749_7373542632782896681_n-1

I have witnessed this irresponsible behavior on more than one occasion in my own neighborhood.

Until about seven years ago my neighbor kept a big German Shepard on a 15 foot chain. Poor animal would go round and round in a circle day in day out. This guy had two young kids at the time. Not once did I see them go outside and so much as scratch that poor, lonely animal’s ears, or pet him, or take him off the chain and let him cavort on their acreage. I felt really sorry for the dog and spoke to the owner one day. I have a huge fenced in yard with three friendly dogs safely running around. I asked him if it would be okay if I occasionally let his dog run in my yard under my supervision while he was at work so he could get some exercise and have some human companionship. He looked at me like I was bag-shit crazy and said: “Man put a dog in a fenced in yardTHAT’S CRUEL!” Unbelievable. That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

After about five years of a horrible existence, this pitiful creature finally died, alone and forgotten. The saddest part is that this jerk passed on his cruelty and neglect towards animals to his kids. Hope they are smart enough to break this chain of ignorance.

States and municipalities all of the country have passed ordinances either banning or putting severe limitations on the chaining of dogs. 


In the past I have mentioned this to several Hanahan council members but they don’t seem to think it is worth considering. Sad.

Good luck with your campaign but be prepared to get your socks wet if you want to win. It is about time that Tanner Plantation residents have some representation on city council. I am certain that you will represent everyone in other Hanahan neighborhoods as well.

Good luck to you,

Gregory B. Geddings


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