Hanahan: Looming Destruction of Pristine Habitat

Rezoning-Sign-cropped 3-

Ain’t we the lucky ones here in Tanner Plantation? Can you believe it? Municipalities are required to post notice for rezoning issues. The powers that be are poised to ravage a pristine, unspoiled little piece of the South Carolina Lowcountry in order to slap up even more wall-to-wall homes, condos, treehouses, igloos, tee-pees, etc…whatever will turn a dollar.

To this end they must advertise a hearing to get citizen input. Lucky us! A voice in our own destiny!


The so-called planning commission, headed by New Jersey emigre Pat Eckstein, is poised to rubber stamp this atrocity. Too bad she didn’t live in the Lowcountry a little longer before she decided to help guide us poor, barefoot, inbred ignoramuses into her vision of a better tomorrow…her dystopian, paved over cookie-cutter vision. If there is such a thing as a concrete lobby they need to take notice: You have a friend in Pat!


This woman has next to no real connection to the Carolina Lowcountry. Unwittingly, she is being used in order to facilitate the task of eliminating every vestige of rural, unspoiled woodlands. Ms. Eckstein does not understand the connection that many native born Southerners have to the land…to the woods…to unspoiled nature.

Nor, I suspect, does she care…

Pat is not alone in this effort. She has the forces of greed, corruption, and out-of-control self-interest backing her. They pat her on the back and tell her what a great job she is doing…providing new homes…JOBS…Economic Growth…The engine of the free enterprise system rolls along unabated…with mindless dupes like Missy Pat riding along…happily tooting the whistle…”We don’t need no brakes on this curve…NO SIREE!”

“Why it’s a tradeoff!” blurts Pat. “We take this unspoiled watershed that was set aside for conservation and tear it to hell and back. Then we slap up a bunch of firetrap homes where the turkeys and deer used to run. Next…we bulldoze through the woods and grab up a piece of scrub land and call it our future city park! It’s so simple! Why doesn’t everyone have the clarity of mind that I have?”

Green space, to folks like Pat, is a piece of spinach caught between her front teeth.

I won’t be going to the hearing. Why waste my time? It’s a done deal. Even if I did go and spewed out a flaming, sputtering diatribe against the wholesale destruction of this beautiful vestige of what Hanahan used to be, not a word of what I have to say will be included in the minutes posted on their website. City hall is really adept at editing their minutes to reflect their roses and lollipops version of what is going down.

Now let’s all just sit back and wait a few years. Wait until the woods surrounding the new school are jammed with new homes. See what happens if a fire emergency comes down and there are a zillion rush hour cars hemming in the new fire station. “Unavoidable!” Pat will reply. “I had nothing to do with this!” she will add…all the while little imps are dancing around her shoulders…laughing…“Maybe you should move back to New Jersey,” one will holler in her ear. Hopefully, the little demon will have a bullhorn.

Watch these folks howl when they find out that they have been had…when they discover that they are yet another crowd of gullible rubes stumbling through the carnival of life. That’s when they will fall into a predictable state of denial and point angry fingers in every direction except the mirror.

Hanahan SC

I know one thing. If past behavior is any indication, you can damned well bet that notice of this hearing will not be included on any garbage can flyer, even a smaller notice targeted to the subdivisions surrounding the affected area on Williams Lane.


I have lived in the Lowcountry since 1974 and was born and raised in Columbia. From 1979 to 1997 I owned a small music store on Savannah Highway. We sold guitars, amplifiers, drum sets, sound systems, and used LP records. I had a lot of customers, especially young navy guys, who hailed from points north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Invariably these fellows were intelligent, interesting, cheerful, honest, and courteous. My criticisms contained herein (and on other posts) are not meant to paint a broad brush on Charleston’s Snowbird population.



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