Female to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill?

There is a move afoot to replace the image of Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. Sounds like a good idea to me. He was one of our worst presidents and a genuine creep to boot (google “Trail of Tears”).


My personal choice would be Eleanor Roosevelt but there would be a lot of opposition from Tea Party types and she probably wouldn’t make the first cut. Seems strange to me that these folks, many of whom are geezers like myself, hate Franklin and Eleanor simply ’cause it has been drilled into their teeny little brains by jerks like Rush and Sean and Bill, ad nauseam. I doubt if any of the T.P.ers would be willing to give up their Social Security checks in order to stand on their weak, misinformed principles. I got into an online argument with a tRump geezer about his hatred for liberals and everything they do. When I tried to bring up Social Security and Medicare he adamantly insisted that these were Republican initiatives. What a waste of time it is trying to communicate with these imbeciles.

Consider the possibilities below:

Barbie Twenty dollar bill

Women on $20 billtwenty-dollar-bill-helmsley copytwenty-dollar-bill-Leigh copy copy



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