WCIV Promotes Susan Komen Breast Cancer Scam

          RACE FOR THE CASH!

"Tie a ribbon on this, sucker!"
“Tie a ribbon on this, sucker!”

WCIV, ABC-News 4 has been relentless in their promotion of the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” run which will be held in a couple of days.* A long time ago, in reaction to my article titled “Frozen Turkey Bowling with Dean Stephens”, the TV-4 news anchor sent me an email defending their station saying that they did a lot of good stuff for the community. I tried to point out to him that it was not the job of journalists to do good stuff. Their primary responsibility was to report the news and to do good, solid investigative reporting.

WCIV long ago gave up on the idea of intensive, no holds barred reporting, but they have also opted to promote an event that is decidedly BAD for the community.

I don’t think the folks at TV 4 who read the bullshit on their teleprompter are stupid. Surely they are all internet savvy and know how to use Google. Do a search using any number of variations of the words: “Komen Breast Cancer Scam”. You will find page after page of reputable news organizations which have reported that this organization funnels a mere twenty per cent of its donations to actual research. The rest of the money is spent on “education” which many critics describe as fund raising. They also have a CEO pulling down a $684,000 yearly salary.



*WCSC, TV-5 is on the bandwagon to a lesser degree but WCBD, TV-2 seems to be keeping the whole thing at arm’s length. 


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