Dear Dale (Cobb)

Below is the contents of a greeting card I sent to Charleston’s Number One criminal defense attorney..Greeting-Card-Dale-1

Dear Dale,
I was driving down Cosgrove Avenue a few weeks ago when I glanced to my right and saw your law offices. Talk about a flood of memories! I thought about you all the way home and immediately fired up the computer to look you up on google. Didn’t find a link to any website for either yourself or Belk, Cobb, Infinger & Goldstein, PA. Saw your personal Facebook page but it was practically empty. No personal pictures no funny cat videos. Nada, Zip.

Most of the other links with your name mentioned were on generic Find A Lawyer sites. I found other links to a few of your criminal court cases. There was also a link from Charleston Living Magazine from January 18, 2014 that rated the best lawyers in Charleston. You were at the top of their (alphabetical) list in the category of Criminal Defense: Non-White-Collar.

No email address to be found anywhere. That’s why I am sending this message via snail mail.

I was in your neighborhood again a few days ago and thought I might drop by your office to say Hi and congratulate you on your designation as the best of the best!

I didn’t think about the fact that it was a Saturday as I turned into the parking lot surrounding your firm’s free standing structure near the intersection of Cosgrove Avenue and Azalea Drive.

Although I was bothered by the website thing, I was even more distressed after turning into your parking lot. The mildew covered building, the poorly maintained landscape, the building entrance more suitable for a moped repair service or a methadone clinic….

To use descriptions such as “dingy” or “run down” is to be charitable.

Sir! You are the best of the best! This will not do!


We get so used to our own nest that we don’t notice how foul it can get. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to point out what should be obvious. Consider this a friendly wake-up call.

I enclose some pictures of the property in question. I made some notations on the images in the hope you may consider some of my suggestions for improvement.


As an afterthought please note that I have been sober for nine years now. It wasn’t until I tossed the bottle that I discovered that I had a brain. I have been writing on my blog for quite some time now…twisted autobiographical stuff…political humor..satire…and more. I am averaging just under a thousand hits a month right now. That’s not bad for a small, one-man operation. 43,129 views from 12,335 visitors.

My little music store was a splendid ordeal for seventeen years and You, Mr. CobbWere A Big Presence there for a very long time! I am finally getting around to writing an account of our interactions. There is a companion piece to this article in my Tales From the Music Store series on this blog. Look at the table of contents on the right side of the screen. You will see it there.

Anyway, I have published two articles with two or three more to come. You might want to give fellow attorney Kate Schmutz a heads up as she will be a central player in future articles. I met her in 1979 when she was a struggling waitress working at a Japanese restaurant. At the time her name was Kate Cunningham. She was dating Randy Davidson, an AWOL US Navy guy who lived in a van parked next to my first store on Durant Avenue. He was a really good musician but a very bad sailor. After hours we would gather in the store for a night of heavy drinking, smoking herb, and playing tunes. If Randy was there, Kate was there. We got along okay until, at the end of a heated argument, I called her a bad name.

This incident was going to come back to haunt me 17 years later.

I guess Kate didn’t see much of a future with Randy at her side. She wanted desperately to go to law school and Randy wasn’t going to be able to foot the bill on an income of $50 a week. No sugar daddy there. Time for Kate to move on…

Since I don’t have your email address I can’t send you links. I have to give you the information to conduct a google search:

1) Dear Dale (Cobb) 2big2fall

2) Tales from the Music Store: Opening the Worm Can with Dale Cobb, Jr., Esq. and his Bad Santa Act 2big2fall

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2 thoughts on “Dear Dale (Cobb)

    1. Thanks, Mr. Jones. It’s going to take me a couple of two or three months to put together the follow up articles. So much information to edit and organize.

      I had to laugh when I saw the article from Charleston Living magazine. Check this out: “Best Lawyers® lists attorneys who have been chosen through an exhaustive survey in which thousands of the nation’s top lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers. The 2014 Edition of Best Lawyer®s is based on more than 4.9 million evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers. Listings cannot be bought, and no purchase is required to be included.”

      Yup, that makes sense. Foxes evaluating foxes while gobbling down on chicken.

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