A Conversation About Trucking

Excerpts from a discussion I had back in 2006 on the Amazon Seller’s Forum. They closed that down a long time ago. It was a very contentious place with lots of kooks and dummies espousing and defending Fox News B.S. I got kicked off a few months before the rug was pulled by Mr. Bezos and the entire concept was nixed as not healthy to the Amazon bottom line.

I wasn’t as well-versed with proper editing as I am now (thanks to my sister, Jan). She taught me that paragraph separation was of vital importance to the readability of an article (in order to keep the reader’s eye from losing focus). In my own defense, however, I did not write that which appears below as an article. It was an online conversation. I scanned it from a printout I made ten years ago.

I am including it because it gives an overview of my trucking career.

One last note: I told only two lies in the conversation below. That is my personal record!


2 trucking-page-2
3 trucking-page-3
4b-trucking-article-4b4 trucking page 4
5 trucking-page-5


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