Alex Jones And His Infowars Idiots

I would advise anyone looking for a really good laugh to go to the Alex Jones page and view the comments spewing from the legion of imbeciles, morons, dim wits, and shit-for-brains. In between the pissed-off gun nuts hunkered down in bomb shelters waiting for the shit to hit the fan, there is some seriously funny stuff! Gaz Blackburn starts out the conversation with speculation as to what is wrong with Hillary supporters. Click to enlarge! Note that I am the Gregory Geddings responding to this idiocy.

Infowars-Idiots-One-X850I have been hearing a lot of barely literate¬†Trumpeters describe anybody who doesn’t like the Donald as “Low Information Voters.” Fucking uneducated imbeciles. They did inspire me to construct the photoshop below and, for that, I am grateful. Stupid people are mostly annoying but occasionally they are good for a belly laugh.
High imfornation voter


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