It’s About Time! My First Online Death Threat

I just received my first online death threat. Disappointed that it did not come about as a result of my Anti-Trump tirades and original photoshops to that effect. Instead, it was a reaction to a YouTube video I uploaded almost eight years ago. This video was intended to be a spoof of Missouri. It was a joke. Some people got it. Others did not. This fellow obviously falls into the latter category. Note that this genius also called me also called me a “PICE OF SHIT.” I had to report him to YouTube so they automatically removed the comment. Took a screen shot before that:


Here is a link to the video this fellow finds so offensive. It has 108 comments and 3,500 views. The comments are very entertaining and creative. This is one of five anti-Missouri screeds that I created. In this particular video, I take offense at the fact that there is a city called Charleston in Missouri. I live in the real Charleston…in South Carolina. I have no problem with Charleston, West Virginia, however, as WV is a beautiful state. I am so incensed by the very concept of “Missouri” that I removed one of the stars from my flag. I am saving the star, however, in the hope that Puerto Rico will join the Union. That would be a big improvement!


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