Starbucks Unveils Christmas 2016 Christmas Cup

Following the controversy during the Christmas season of 2015 (which raised the ire of the religious right), Starbucks came out with a cup that is sure to meet their standards of God-Fearing Hypocrisy. This is only one of a series of collectible cups featuring the Trump electoral college “victory.”

Hallelujah! Click to Enlarge!


Here is my spoof of last year’s Starbucks cup once again, featuring that paragon of Christian values Pat Robertson.



3 thoughts on “Starbucks Unveils Christmas 2016 Christmas Cup


    Hey Greg very deep dish but wow – how to control the bots and robots [1993]

    Check 8PM stream “The United States of Anxiety”
    A NEU YAWKER – we had enough of the badger toupee – he’s America’s now

    Christy and BilgeGate


    Harry / Bookateria

    Midterm elections will go Dem for both houses after Rust Belters realize they never were remembered. Trump will bail after 1 term and challenge Putin or Rule Bali if available at a Tsunami sale for derivative bonds.

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