Chris Christie: Dumbest Politician Ever?


Is Chris Christie the dumbest politician ever? Well, no. That honor would go to William Jennings Bryan who was infamously eulogized by H.L. Mencken in the greatest obituary notice ever written.

Mr. Christie would be lapping at WJB’s heels in a close second finish.

At any rate, what was going through this dummy’s head? Before Christie was Governor of New Jersey he was a U.S. Attorney. In 2004, one of the people that he put away was real estate tycoon Charles Kushner who is the father of Jared Kushner who happens to be Ivanka Trump’s husband.

I can see Christie in a private moment…groveling in the presence of Trump…finally summoning the courage to mention that little incident with the Kushners.

“Forgetaboudit!” President-Elect Trump growls…“Long Ago…Far Away!…Water Over the Dam!”

Christie shuffles away feeling secure for now. “The barbecue sandwich and the chicken head burrito were great but it’s time for another snack,” he mumbles to himself. “Maybe something Kosher?”



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