Trump: Ushering in the Doucheocracy




Trump is angry at NBC News for posting this picture of him. I offer a couple of original alternatives below this photo.trump trumps-least-favorite-photo
sponge-bob-alliteration-trumpAnother fish analogy…

putin-fish-trumpYet another fish connectiontrump-fishing-man-2-x1200

Historical Revisionism: right wingers now claim Hitler was a leftist because his movement was called National Socialism. One of the concessions that Hitler had to make to the Wehrmacht and German Industrial leaders was that, before he could claim the Chancellorship, he had to disband the Brownshirts and get rid of their leadership. Ernst Rohm, the Brownshirt leader, was the power behind the “socialist” side of Nazism. He was killed (along with his inner circle) in the “Night of the Long Knives.” That was the end of any pretense towards socialism.
I tried to educate this guy about FDR and LBJ. Might have well tried to converse with a brick wall.trump-meme-medicare
Rush is really looking forward to Inaugural Balls. Greatest wish is that he had a pair.


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