tRump Inauguration: Size Matters!

Dadgummit! I am so pizzed of nowdays with the libreal medea! Lyin bunch of terds. Why wood them sory basterds tried to fool us like this? Here is a pictur showing the big crowd in the stand.empty-stands-inauguration

Now….here is a pictur that them asshols altered to look like thar was not nobody there!altered-photo-inauguration-2

Do thay think we-uns is stoopid or sum thin like that? What they need is les BS and mor Jesus! I wuz there when this pictur was tooken. Them Simaese Twins is my kinfolk! This wuz there moment and sum fuked up lefty winger tryed to taket away from them…Basterds! They even croped out the haid of Richerd Nixon in a jar! He looks pretty dang goood all things considireng…I wish sumbody wood pickel my haid when I croke!

Here is anuther sample of the Libreal Liers tring to pull the wol over our eyez! First shot is the real, untoched picsmiley-face-crowd-b

And dis nex pic show how they went in and fucked it all up…01202017_trump-inaugura3-1020x649


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