Facebook Follies: Share If You Agree! Or Not!

I have been active on Facebook for several years now. It was fun until it stopped being fun so I am slowing down my presence there. I only accumulated about 70 friends but, to be fair, I never really tried to set any sort of “friends” record. Mostly I went to this site to promote my writing and original music as well as my very weird photoshop creations. I had some success in that but soon found that I was being drowned out by people whose only contribution to the format was a never-ending tsunami of copy/paste articles and pictures.

One guy, a very nice person who is politically close to my rather liberal beliefs posts memes that announce “Share if you Agree” zillion times a week. I looked at his timeline and it consisted mostly of these urgent, insistent demands. WTF am I supposed to do? I like the guy but I sure as hell am not going to crowd out my own page with HIS passions. Never saw him post anything original…just SHARE…SHARE…SHARE…

I also get tired of “friends” posting obnoxious click bait articles. I am pretty sure that they don’t even examine these articles before posting them. So…am I supposed to click through 25 pages of silly shit loaded down with ads to see a blurry black and white photo of bicycle riding Siamese Twins? No thanks. If I really want to find that picture quickly I just go to google images where Siamese twin photos are prolific.

I rarely go through two or three pages of these unstable, pop-up infected articles before I say screw this and move on.

Lesson: Don’t post shit that you don’t even take the time to look at yourself.

That being said. I would urge my readers not to repost this post. Just read it and toss it aside like so much electronic floss. It doesn’t amount to a hill of turds anyway.

That being said. Here is a picture of my dog.




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