Bi-Lo Changes Name to Bi-LOL (Hanahan, SC)

               Hanahan, South Carolina

Below is a comment I uploaded on the Bi-Lo page on Facebook. It only lasted an hour before they took it down. I also noted that they are disabling comments on the posts of people who are angry over the issue regarding the rollout of their new Plenti card which is the mandatory replacement for the old Bi-Lo Bonus card.

 Everything was just fine until they rolled out this disaster. I spent a lot of money at this business and have been a loyal customer since they opened at the entrance to Tanner Plantation in Hanahan, South Carolina.
 Here is my now removed comment:
 “You have lost me as a customer. This new Plenti Card is intrusive, invasive and requires way too much personal information. I predict that this will be a public relations disaster for Bi-Lo on the scale of New Coke. Whoever came up with this BS needs to be beaten out of HQ with a frozen sausage.
I got the info pack this morning and went to the website. Okay, I can understand the request for a phone number. But they also want my date of birth? They want my email address? My home address? I was really pissed off when I saw this information request and went back to the store to return the package. I spoke very briefly to an African-American managerial type who shrugged me off very quickly and told me that there was nothing he could do because this has become standard practice in the industry. “Everybody is doing this,” he said.
He rushed off before I had the opportunity to tell him that simply was not true. Everybody is NOT doing this. Neither Walmart, nor Food Lion, nor Publix are doing this. In fact, the only chain that is doing this within a five mile radius of my home is Bi-Lo. I spend a lot of money in this store. No more…especially after dealing with that disinterested, condescending, fool of a man.
It appears that Bi-LOL is expanding its business model to include gathering and selling customer information. They are only adding to the massive clutter of spam now infecting the internet. What a creepy bunch of money-grubbers. Bi-LOL Indeed!

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