Cats vs. Birds

Periodically some shrill, effete bird lover comes out to demand that we eliminate the cat population in order to protect birds.  What nonsense! The scarcity of birds in neighborhoods is more likely due to massive bulldozing of habitat in order to put up cracker box homes butt to butt.

I have three cats and very rarely does one of them capture a bird. Mice-yup. An occasional butterfly or frog…you bet. Less frequently…a lizard. There are around two hundred acres of woods surrounding the four acres on which I live. You can sit outside under a shade tree at any given time of day and hear a veritable cacophony of birds squeaking, tweeting, and squawking. Go up the street to the crowded neighborhoods and you see little in the way of birds.

On one occasion I counted 21 turkeys in my yard and have seen colossal flocks of blackbirds preening the trees and acreage for bugs. I also see a constant parade of water birds in our pond. Every spring a small alligator takes up residence in this small body of water seeking refuge from the huge alligators which inhabit the Goose Creek Reservoir a mile or so away.  Alligators are cannibalistic.

As spring turns to summer the alligator gets bigger having fed on the brim and frogs that populate the pond. Maybe it will get lucky and catch a water bird. Should I shoot it on the chance he may catch a heron? I think not. As fall comes the alligator will leave the pond and go back to the reservoir. Five feet plus after a summer of feasting, it will be more able to fend off the larger gators.

Crows are everywhere to be seen. Day in day out.

To those who want to blame cats for the decimation of the bird population I say Bullshit. You just hate cats and that’s all. Get out of the oppressive, crowded neighborhoods where you live and hike a country trail. You will see and hear birds galore.

Maybe we need to clean up our own house before we allow cat haters to dictate how we should lead our lives.

xCats were not responsible for Bhopal.



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