Try this you worthless loser!
Mmmmm…Tastes Like Mainstream Media!

Have you watched your local TV news lately? These stations appear to be competing for the fluff demographic. They get all of these phone calls and letters from little old ladies asking the station to report the “good news, the uplifting news…stuff that makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us forget all the bad things happening every which way. I wanna see puppies trapped in sewer pipes and kittens in trees and watch big, strong firemen a rescuing the pore little critters. I wanna see birthday parties for handicapped kids and home runs and snowball fights and such.”

I don’t wanna see a bunch of danged old homeless people all froze-up on snowbanks or bombed out orphanages in Somali Land. On the other hand, I don’t mind a whole lot if you show them folks over there getting tossed and turned by big old waves and what not. Earthquakes in Gookland don’t bother me much either. It’s God’s Judgement on their heathen ways.”God-Earthquake-Daffy-hi


And so a vital new demographic is cultivated by savvy marketing departments in local television Land: Goobernomics is born.*

With the entire world facing an uncertain future and, in the face of political corruption, raging wars, economic collapse, religious strife, homelessness, earthquakes, and countless other calamities, I created this blog to appeal to people who would open a window in the dead of night and holler: “What the Fuck!” You are the ones who recognize that the inmates no longer run the asylum. That work is now being performed by untrained, minimum-wage drones. The original inmates now sit on the boards of conglomerates which own vast, worldwide networks of for-profit asylums. They have become the major shareholders in our destiny. I have seen the future and it is not a chicken in every pot. It is a ball and chain on the ankles of not just those who dare to speak truth to power but on the ankles of the gullible and clueless as well. Tea-Party types will bask in their good fortune, however, in that their balls and chains will be slightly smaller and they will be allowed to personalize them with stickers and crocheted drag bags.

Bragging Rights

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I believe that these organizations are used by the power elite to pit us against each other…to “divide and conquer” so to speak. They control all aspects of mainstream media. Thus, they are able to craft a message (whether subtle or outright) designed to keep us at each other’s throats. This acts to divert our attention away from their onerous activities. Their highly profitable war machine is running full tilt boogie and shows no sign of abating. They are psychopaths and, devoid of conscience, they mercilessly pursue their love for power, money, and control.

America has become like Dante’s Inferno…nine layers of hell with the poor souls on level 8 chucking rocks and pissing on those down on the 9th level…ad nauseam on up the scale until you reach the first level where the 1% is rolling down fiery boulders, puking, and hurling feces on us all.

We have seen, over the past few decades, a systematic erosion of the middle class as a result of persistent attacks on FDR’s policies. It was the New Deal that brought about the explosive growth of the middle class. Now the middle class is disappearing and Neo-Feudalism appears to be taking its place.

Their vision is Dickensonian. They hear the story of Scrooge and see pure capitalism at its finest…until the redemptive finale. In their minds, Scrooge is weak. He should have just kicked Tiny Tim’s crutches out from under him.

They long for the day when slavery will return full force, when debtors prisons will once again be filled to capacity…when we will all be monitored and controlled through microchips, constant surveillance, and forced sterilization.

They worship themselves.

It would appear that our modern world has become a fusion of what Orwell and Huxley warned us about: a world of infinite distractions and government oppression. Folks who should know better have become pom-pom waving cheerleaders for a system which, if left unfettered, will guarantee their own destruction.

Our various political persuasions don’t really matter because, as a collective whole, we are little more than fragile cogs in a merciless, relentless wheel. Freedom is an illusion for the mass of people. The only real freedom in this world is that which is exercised not by us, but upon us. Depending upon the circumstances of your birth and your economic status you may have more choices, but choices do not necessarily imply freedom. For example, you may have the ability to drive to the mall and buy the newest, hottest video game but you really don’t have the freedom to demand accountability, transparency, truth, and justice from the Controller Class.

You are the common man or woman. To them you are nothing. You are what James Madison referred to, in his letters to Thomas Jefferson, as “The Great Beast” …the unwashed collective of humanity. Too dumb to be in charge and an ever-present threat to money and property.

We can’t beat ’em and we certainly can’t join ’em so I am suggesting a third route:  Ridicule them. Hold their foibles and machinations to the light. Make them eat their own damned cake.

In closing, I need to explain the concept behind the 2big2fall monicker for this blog. I am, by no means, 2big2fall. Like most folks who read this, I am just another schmuck busily pounding salt (with an occasional break to piss in the wind).

It is the system which is 2big2fall. It would appear that our only hope is Alien Intervention. Honey Boo-Boo’s mom’s tattered womb would be a great place to plant the first seed of doom.HBB Alien 4b

NOTE: The Kellogg’s Crusty Pustles cereal box at the top of this page is my original photoshop as are most of the others on this blog. A few I have lifted from other sites. Feel free to spread them around if you find something you like. I have also uploaded over 90 videos on YouTube under the ID gregorybgeddings…

*H.L. Mencken coined the term “booboisie” in 1922 to describe a class of clueless, but decent folk. Other variations are booberati and boobarian.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greg,

    Glad to see you’re still going strong.I understand your disability came through and you have closed up shop on Amazon.
    There’s a new soapbox set up by Dommiesan,no language restrictions!! The addy is http://www.soapbox.com,hope to see you there.


    1. Jackie,
      Thanks for contacting me. I may check out the new forum but I am so very busy with a home renovation project in preparation for my 27 year old daughter to move in. She finishes her four-year hitch in the Coast Guard on June 28th and will be using her VA benefits to go to our local state Tech school. She already has a BA from the College of Charleston but wants to learn a practical skill. Veterinary Technician is what she will be studying.

  2. greg: my main man! It’s your old buddy Steve Whitmire/charlestonsoon. Miss you from the Amazon soapbox which has been shitcanned. I hope you’re doing good and keeping your head above water in these trying times. Talk at you later, Steve

  3. Greg,
    I know you from Amazon Soap Box, though I don’t often post.I was really touched by your May 13 post & am enjoying your blog. I am originally from Georgetown,SC & went to the College of Chas. so I like seeing real news of the area.

    I also relate about Amazon income & poor health.

    Thank you for your posts & blog.(It is now on my favorites.)

    Cassie @ Books From Cassie

      1. Richard, I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet trying to find you. What a great surprise. Leslie and I got a very friendly divorce about 16 years ago. Got two grown kids who have moved on to successful lives and careers. Anxious to find out what you have been up to.

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