Will Folks: “Terror At 20,000 Feet”

20,000 feet willOne of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes is “Terror at 20,000 Feet.” It starred a very young William Shatner as a passenger sitting in a window seat of an old prop passenger plane. They are passing through a heavy storm at night when Shatner glances out the window and sees a monkey-like creature running up and down the wing tearing up wires and throwing stuff around. Shatner freaks out and hollers. Of course, the creature disappears and poor old William is left to look like a scared, crazy old fool. It gets worse as everyone falls back to sleep except Bill who freaks out again when the creature presses his face next to the glass. A classic episode.

Click to enlarge…DragThingScreenSnapz004-1024x272

I have been following the torrent of bullshit emanating from the desperate mind of Will Folks as he clings to his never ending lust for fame, recognition, and most of all, money. First, he drains, pumps, and dumps his old pal Thomas Ravenel in his quest for a senate seat. Recently, Will started pitching for Donald Trump and posted numerous articles sucking up to Mr. Trump.

Seems like Will got invited to tour The Donald’s luxury jet and, craven mercenary that he is, he left a trail of envy slobber all over the place.Will Folks Donald Trump

“Tell the pilot to do a 360 roll!”

nightmare 20,000 feet folks

“Anybody got a dart gun?”

Will Auditions 2


Stills from recent Folks/Haley video.

Nikki Haley Will Folks

Star Crossed Lovers Redo

Will Folks Fire Farter

An advance look at cookbook which will be published after Nikki Haley tell all.Cooking with Will Folks

Will Folks


Click to enlarge all photoshops!Will Folks

The author with the new logo for Fitsnews. No word yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Will Folks
Will Woos Nikki 3


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